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Barbara Kingsolver and the Writer’s Conference in San Miguel de Allende

Glad that I decided to stay for the Writer’s Conference. What a privilege to hear Barbara Kingsolver in person – first as the keynote speaker and then in two additional panel discussions, discussing her most recent novel, Lacuna and her … Continue reading

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My Right Hand Man

Back in California. Spent my first afternoon getting my hand checked by a hand specialist/plastic surgeon at Kaiser. The good news is that the pin appears to have been inserted correctly. Yay! But the doctor here was a bit surprised … Continue reading

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In the City of Fallen Women

Actually, it isn’t just women who fall here. Since breaking my hand, I’ve also met a few men who want to swap injury stories with me. But the locals like to joke about it being the city of fallen women. … Continue reading

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Feeling Better After a Couple of Margaritas

My cold is improving, my hand is mas or menos the same as it has been, but I got hit by a wave of depression this afternoon. Started worrying whether my hand will heal correctly. The fourth finger, which is … Continue reading

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Really Not Crying — It’s just my head cold

Micha and I went back to the hospital today so that Dr. Murillo could check my hand. My hand really doesn’t hurt much at all. Haven’t even been taking the pain pills. But I have caught the cold that Micha … Continue reading

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Went to classes today

Micha and I returned to classes today. Actually, don’t feel that bad. Micha has to help me with zippers, buttons, snaps and shoe laces. He also had to make the oatmeal and coffee. I skipped makeup except for lipstick, which … Continue reading

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Beware of the 3 Ds–Drowsy, Distracted, or Disgruntled when driving, operating machinery or walking anywhere in San Miguel. I will try to keep this short, because I am typing with just my left hand. On Wednesday day morning, as I … Continue reading

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