Dawn of Desktop Publishing

Original IBM Personal Computer motherboard (IB...

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When I first started working for Tall Tree Systems, I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want additional memory for their IBM PCs.  What would they do with that extra memory?

I had learned how to install the JRAM memory boards in the PC motherboard and could even answer simple tech support calls about how to adjust the setting of the board by moving the little shunt from one set of pins to another.  I could also tell users how to set up a RAM disk. But I had no idea why they would want to do this…

Until an application was developed that made my life easier. Ventura Publisher! One of the early desktop publishing pioneers,  it allowed me to see the actual page layout,  even the pictures, all on my computer screen! This saved me so much stress and time.  I loved it!

And I was one of the early beta testers, because John Henderson had invented another little board that could be added to basic Canon printers and would channel the JRAM memory to the printer allowing it to print the variety of fonts now supported by Ventura Publisher.

I became an expert user.  I contributed to a book about Ventura Publisher and even got some royalties.  I also contributed my knowledge to one of the subgroups of the Silicon Valley Technical Writers’ Association. I invited the group over to our company to show them how I produced manuals using our company’s hardware additions and Venture Publisher.  John was pleased to be getting the publicity. But the activity brought me in contact with an editor at another company who quickly recruited me to join their technical publications group at Tymnet McDonald Douglas Corporation.

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