Holey Pipe

Puerto Rico - Color

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I wonder how many residents or one-time residents of Silicon Valley have worked at a startup companyIf you worked at NetManage or worked at some other startup in the valley, I’d love to hear what the experience was like for you.

Some people who worked for startups made lots of money. That holds true for some of the people who worked for NetManage, too.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of those people.

But all of us—from the top executives to the clerical staff—enjoyed some unusual perks and privileges when NetManage was in its heyday.

Granted, it wasn’t like working for Google or Facebook—we didn’t get fully subsidized meals three times a time, didn’t have on-site massage therapists, etc.  Sigh.  But then, NetManage wasn’t anywhere near as wealthy as either of these highly successful companies.

I did get treated to travel with my husband all expenses paid to a five-star hotel in Maui one year and in Puerto Rico another year.  That included round-trip transportation, all meals, and a choice of additional activities.  I tried scuba diving for the first time during the company trip to Puerto Rico.  Anyone working for the company at that time was entitled to this offsite trips and could bring along one significant other.  At the time we went to Puerto Rico, I was working for the Haifa branch of NetManage.  The offsite included all the employees from both USA and Israel.

I still remember a team-building exercise we did in a jungle area of Puerto Rico. This activity was exclusively for NetManage employees (spouses and significant others could relax on the beach or choose something else).  Someone randomly assigned us into smaller teams and we had to tackle an obstacle course.  Does anyone reading this remember participating in this?

Some of the obstacles were things you might expect, like climbing over a rope structure, or forging our way across a river.  One of the tasks I remember best was less of a physical challenge and quite revealing with regard to our abilities to function as a team.  What I remember about this is that we were given a hollow pipe with lots of finger-size holes drilled into it.  We had to pour water into the pipe and see how long we could keep the water inside before it leaked out through the holes.

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  1. Rene Orr says:

    I signed up to siliconvalleywriter the other day, Janet. Now I look for your wonderful stories to come in my email. They bring me a little smile every day. Thank you. Rene

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